Foreign Languages Department


Head of the Department
PhD in Philology, Associate Professor







A high level of native Ukrainian and foreign languages proficiency is an important constituent part of a modern artist image. During the study of a foreign language, a student not merely develops communication skills, but also has an opportunity to expand his or her worldview, learn about the customs and cultural characteristics of other peoples. Fluency in native Ukrainian and foreign languages provides unlimited opportunities in the artist's professional activity. That is why the goal of the Foreign Languages Department is to provide applicants with the opportunity to receive necessary information from various sources, including foreign ones, and to communicate freely in their native and foreign languages in current professional situations. According to the curriculum, the lecturers of the Department provide teaching of Ukrainian for professional purposes, Ukrainian as a foreign language and three foreign languages: English, German and Italian. By choosing subjects from the optional courses, students have an opportunity to study two foreign languages.

The scientific research work of the Department is carried out in the following areas: Ukrainian and foreign philology, intercultural communication, methods of teaching Ukrainian and foreign languages. The lecturers of the Department actively participate in scientific and scientific-methodological all-Ukrainian and international conferences, in particular: in the International scientific conference "Internationalization of Higher Education: Potential Benefits" (Krakow, Poland, 2019) and in the International practical conference IH Barcelona ELT Conference "English language teaching conference for teachers, managers and teacher trainers" (Barcelona, Spain, 2020), which was attended by Yu. I. Laptinova; L. V. Babaevska, T. O. Borovenska, M. O. Honcharova and Yu. I. Laptinova took part in the International Scientific and Practical Conference «Philological sciencesm, intercultural communication and translation studies: theoretical and practical aspects» (Venice, Italy, 2021); the International Scientific and Practical Conference "SCIENCE, RESEARCH, DEVELOPMENT. Philology, Sociology and Culturology" (Warsaw, Poland, 2021) was attended by L. V. Babaevska; L. V. Babaevska and T. O. Borovenska took part in the III International Scientific and Practical Conference "An integrated approach to science modernization: methods, models and multidisciplinarity" (Vienna, Austria, 2022); T. V. Veretiuk participated in the II International Scientific and Theoretical Conference "Current issues of science, prospects and challenges" (Sydney, Australia, 2022).

The lecturers of the Department constantly improve their qualifications, in particular, they are involved in international internships, notably at the University of Economics (Krakow, Poland), at the National Lewis University (Nowy Sonch, Poland). They also are engaged into international projects, namely: in the International educational project "Specialized language course Deutsch für Musiker (German language for musicians)", organized by the German Academic Exchange Service DAAD on the basis of the Odesa Academy of Music named after A. V. Nezhdanova and others.

The lecturers of the Department pay great attention to increasing the motivation of learning native and foreign languages, expanding professional interests and developing the creative abilities of students, engaging them in international and all-Ukrainian language competitions, Olympiads, and scientific conferences.

Teaching foreign languages at the Kharkiv I.P.Kotlyarevskyi National University of Arts has long traditions. The Department of Foreign Languages was founded in 1963. A significant contribution to the work of the Department, in particular the preservation of traditions and the use of new methods in teaching foreign languages, was made by: PhD in History K. D. Myshkis, PhDs in Philology S. Y. Lubenska, B. Y. Rohovska and Yu. M. Tkachenko ( Head of the Department in 1978–1998), Full Professor O. P. Andrieieva (Head of the Department in 1998–2016), PhD in Philology, Associate Professor A. D. Cholakova (Head of the Department in 2016–2021). Since September 2021, the Department has been headed by I. P. Havrysh, PhD in Philology, Associate Professor.

Currently, the department staff is represented by 11 members, including 8 PhDs, 6 Associate Professors, 5 Senior Lecturers.

  • Iryna Havrysh – Head of the Department, PhD in Philology, Associate Professor.
  • TetianaVeretiuk – PhD in Philology, Associate Professor.
  • NataliiaPopova– PhD in Philology, Associate Professor.
  • HalynaSerhieieva – PhD in Philology, Associate Professor.
  • AntoninaTymchenko – PhD in Philology, Associate Professor, Member of the National Union Writers’ of Ukraine.
  • Oksana Khodakovska –PhD in Philology, Associate Professor.
  • Komina Maryna – PhD in Philology, Senior Lecturer.
  • Iuliia Laptinova – PhD in Philolosophy, Senior Lecturer.
  • LiudmylaBabaievska – Senior Lecturer.
  • TetianaBorovenska – Senior Lecturer.
  • Maryna Honcharova – Senior Lecturer.