Department of Interpretology and Music Analysis


Head of the Department

PhD in Art Studies,
Associate Professor






  • Liudmyla Shapovalova, Head of the Department, Dr. habil., Full Professor
  • Yuliia Nikolaievska, Dr. habil., Full Professor
  • Oksana Aleksandrova, Dr. habil., Full Professor
  • Iryna Tsurkanenko, PhD in Art Studies, Associate Professor
  • Iryna Romaniuk, PhD in Art Studies, Associate Professor
  • Daria Zhalieiko, PhD in Art Studies, Associate Professor
  • Viktoriia Zinchenko, PhD in Art Studies, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Interpretology and Analysis of Music,
  • Larysa Novykova, Associate Professor
  • Kateryna Lozenko, PhD in Art Studies, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Interpretology and Analysis of Music
  • Svitlana Shchelkanova, PhD in Art Studies, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Interpretology and Analysis of Music

The birth of the Department of Interpretology and Analysis of Music in September 2004 was connected with the introduction of a new educational and qualification level of "master's degree" in the state, which led to the development of measures for high-quality preparation for scientific activity of graduates of performing specialties. The choice of the name of the department was determined by this strategic task: interpretology is a field of musicology that systematizes the phenomena of the performance of musicians in all their diversity (theory, history, practice). As a metasystem of objects-subjects of performing creativity, interpretology is based on the fundamental disciplines of music history and theory (harmony, form, texture, etc.), influencing the practice and pragmatics of performing creativity. In this sense, it acquires integrative functions in relation to other areas of practical musicology. It can be overlooked, even ignored, but interpretology really exists and unites the carriers of performing arts, which requires comprehensive study and evaluation at a higher level of ontology and metaphysics of music.

The staff of the department is represented by four generations of musicologists-analysts, each of whom belongs to the Kharkiv scientific school:

The class of Professor M.D.Tits: O.V.Husarova – I.L.Zolotovytska; L.T.Zhygacheva; L.S.Salmanova – L.I.Grigoryev – O.H.Pinchuk;

The class of O.V.Husarova – I. M.Polusmyak (1952-2019);

L.V.Shapovalova (the class of Prof. N.L.Ocheretovska);

I.V.Tsurkanenko (the class of Prof. G.I.Ignatchenko).

The young staff of the department – the fifth generation – are represented by the students of Prof. L.V.Shapovalova: Doctor of Art Study, Professor Yu.V.Nikolaievska, PhD of Art Study I.A.Romanyuk, D.M.Zhaleiko, S.A.Shchelkanova. Each teacher constantly improves his/her own methodology of the course he/she teaches, taking into account the specifics of the student’s performing profile. Modern cognitive models, author's programs are being developed.

           From the first steps of the department's activity, a single algorithm for training a performer with a master's degree was created through mastering new mandatory courses that maintain continuity among themselves. The system of music-theoretical and practical disciplines for graduate performers is based on the performers' professional music-making experience, their specialization (instrumental art, academic singing, composition, choral and conducting art), the musician's personality and the specifics of his/her future activity (motivation). At the same time, the cognitive models of teaching a scientist-performer rely on preserving the traditions of academicism and fundamentalism of musicology.

          Bachelor's degree: "Analysis of musical compositions", "Fundamentals of scientific research" (year 3); "Music interpretation" (year 4); master's degree "Methodology of scientific research"; "Preparation of master's thesis", "Scientific and research skills", "Scientific practice"; doctor of philosophy and doctor of arts: "Methodology of humanitarian studies", "Theory and practice of musical communication".

            Various forms of scientific and creative communication, developed and implemented by the staff of the department, are a necessary link in the preparation of the defence of the master's thesis: 1) "Master's readings" (in the conference genre), 2) publication of articles in scientific collections (20 issues of scientific articles have been prepared based on the materials of the works of graduates of 2006 and 2020); 3) trips of masters to participate in scientific and practical seminars and conferences (Kyiv, Odesa, Ivano-Frankivsk, Sumy, Ternopil, Lviv, Yalta); 4) participation in all-Ukrainian competitions of scientific student works in the field of "musical art" and "theory and history of culture" (the cities of Donetsk and Sumy).

            The main forms of educational and scientific activity of the department are:

  • supervision of dissertation works of candidates and post-graduate students and their preparation for the defence;
  • work in the specialized councils for the defence of dissertations of I.P.Kotlyarevsky KhNUA, KhSAA, P.I.Chaikovsky NMAU, N.V.Nezhdanova ONMA (speaking as an opponent; writing reviews on the abstracts of candidate and doctoral dissertations); as a part of the work of specialized councils of the new generation (compilation of feedback and reviews on dissertations of doctors of philosophy);
  • preparation of doctors of arts (the first time in September-October 2022);
  •  review of master's theses, articles ("blind review" both in KhNUA, and at the invitation of P.I.Tchaikovsky NMAU, KhSAC), teaching aids and programs;
  •  management of pedagogical practice of students (discipline "Analysis of musical compositions");
  •  organizational and educational activities (projects of concert and creative work, lecture work with the participation of masters-performers of KhIKNUA);
  •  preparation of printed products for use as additional materials in the educational process (edition of the newspaper "Dominanta", chief Yu.V.Nikolaievska; materials of master's readings "Cognitive Musicology", editor-compiler – L.V.Shapovalova).

          The Department of Interpretology and Analysis of Music is the leader in the number of prepared and defended dissertations (since the day of the start of the Specialized Scientific Council of KhIKNUA – about 100 people have obtained the scientific degree of PhD of Art Study/Doctor of Philosophy).

Therefore, the highest achievement of the department is the systematic and stable professional training of masters of performing specializations "musical art" and doctors of philosophy; from 2022 – also doctors of arts. The dynamics of growth in the qualitative and quantitative level of graduates is reflected by the following indicators: if in 2004-2005 the department prepared 30 master's theses, in 2006-2007 the number of graduates is 41, in 2013-2020 – it is 67 (together with masters from China), then in the 2022-2023 academic year, 67 Ukrainian students and 34 from the PRC will graduate. On behalf of the scientific part of the university, the qualification level of teachers from Kharkiv College of Culture, Kharkiv Music School, Kharkiv Humanitarian and Pedagogical Academy, and Kharkiv State Academy of Culture is being made higher. The department fruitfully cooperates with teachers of other departments, combining the scientific interests of leading scientists and teachers of Kharkiv University of Arts (among them N.L.Ocheretovska, O.G.Roshchenko, I.L.Ivanova, A.A.Mizitova, G.I.Ignatchenko, I.S.Drach, M.Yu.Borysenko, S.G.Anfilova, among the performers the leaders are M.S.Chernyavska, I.Yu.Sukhlenko) with the centred and purposeful line of the development of interpretology as an educational discipline. It is especially worth emphasizing the importance of the lectures on performance interpretation by the Professor of the National Music Academy of Ukraine, Doctor of Art Study V.G.Moskalenko, who taught "Musical Interpretation" for the students of the third level of education at I.P.Kotlyarevsky KhNUA during the period from 2004 to 2012.

In recent years, the main educational and research direction "Cognitive musicology" (the idea and development – Doctor of Art Study L.V.Shapovalova), which combines the teaching and concepts of academic domestic science and performance, has become the main one. Collections with this title were published already in 2011-2013, continuing the main direction of the specialized collection of I.P.Kotlyarevsky KhNUA "Problems of interaction of art, pedagogy and practice and theory of education". The results of the activities of the Department of Interpretology and Music Analysis, as recognized by the Chairman of State Commissions for the past 18 years (2004-2022) represented by the professors of NMAU, Doctors of Art Study M.R.Cherkashyna-Gubarenko, M.D.Kopytsya, V.G.Moskalenko, V.P.Kachmarchyk testify that it really became the basic centre of scientific preparation of high-class specialists in performing specialties at Kharkiv I.P.Kotlyarevsky National University of Arts. And this experience is unique!

The newest direction of the department's activity, on the initiative of Prof. Yu.V.Nikolaievska, is called «Music Therapy». The development of a new qualification in the pragmatic plane, related to social pedagogy and psychology, which is currently in demand as a request of Ukrainian society.