Educational and Research Center for International Education and Cooperation
of the Educational and ResearchCenter
for International Education and Cooperation



The Educational and Research Center for International Education and Cooperation was established at the university in 2012 on the basis of the University Department of International Relations (previously opened in 2008). The center works with foreign students of I.P. Kotlyarevsky KhNUA, has a License of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine to train foreign citizens in accredited areas (specialties), scientific-methodological and human resources, able to provide training for foreign students.

The center also provides timely recruitment of applicants, organization of social and psychological adaptation of foreign citizens to the conditions of living in Ukraine and studying at the university, passport and visa support, promotes medical care and insurance.

The main tasks of the center are the organization of international cooperation with educational institutions and foreign missions of other countries.

The university has trained more than 250 foreign students - citizens of China, Russia, Mongolia, Iran, Ecuador, USA, majoring in “Academic Singing”, “Piano”, “Composition”, “Folk Instruments”, “Orchestral String Instruments”, ”Orchestral Wind Instruments”, “Musical Variety Arts”, “Performing Arts”.

Students who are attracted by the improvement of artistic performance or research activities after graduation continue their studies in assistantship and postgraduate studies. In recent years, 17 foreign citizens have received the degree of Candidate of Art History. Upon completion of their studies, foreign graduates successfully work in art institutions and educational institutions of their countries.

The Center works in the field of creating a database of foreign students, educational records, preparation of documents for the procedure of authenticity of foreign documents on education, preparation and legalization of diplomas of I.P. Kotlyarevsky KhNUA, correspondence with other institutions and organizations, performance of tasks of MES of Ukraine on issues of organization of educational services to foreign citizens, interaction with the Ukrainian State Center for International Education and implementation of its recommendations.

In 2016, I.P. Kotlyarevsky KhNUA was admitted to the European Association of Conservatories, which contributed to the emergence of new opportunities in cooperation with higher education institutions of different countries, training students in international academic mobility programs, exchange programs for students and teachers.

While studying at the university, foreign students take an active part in well-known international art events and become their winners in Ukraine, Spain, Lithuania, Russia, China and other countries. Among them, there are laureates and winners of the Grand Prix of prestigious international music competitions and festivals Sun Bo, Tang Zhangcheng, Liang Jitao, Liu Ning, Ma Jiajia, Sun Le (China), Tawakkol Ehsan (Iran), Mykhailo Pavlov (Russia) and many others.

One of the most important tasks of the Center is educational work with students - foreign citizens. Every year foreign students take part in the International Festival of Foreign Students and Citizens, which is supported by the Kharkiv City Council and the Kharkiv City Public Organization of Foreign Students and Citizens. At the numerous invitations of Kharkiv higher educational institutions (KhNAHU, KhSADA, KhNAU “KhAI”, KhSAC), foreign students and graduate students perform in concerts, thematic meetings and other student events.

Twice a year, foreign students and graduate students give open concerts, which take place in the Great and Chamber Halls of the University. The concerts of foreign students, which are a kind of creative report, attract the attention of a wide range of listeners - both Kharkiv residents and guests of the city, in particular, foreign students studying in other higher education institutions of Kharkiv.